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Hanggai: Good Mongolian Throat Gurglers

If your into  going out and seeing bands, look out for this Chinese one from Beijing: Hanggai. They are highly entertaining using throat gurgling, horse-hair fiddles and  they wear fabulous outfits (that I am sure they go to the pub in). I saw them at the Black Rabbit Festival, live in Shanghai, with other local and international acts but: they travel the world. Check out their Myspace page and go and see them if they are playing near you. I think they’re Stars!

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Crotchless Babies

I find these Chinese baby, crotchless trousers very environmentally friendly (as goodness knows how much rubbish we’re creating with all our disposable nappies). Chinese mothers are also very in sync with their children. You’ll see a mother walking along and suddenly, she’ll  dangle her child off her arm so it can poop. Then, she’ll clean it up with a tissue. I have also seen mothers holding their babies over  rubbish bins so they can do their business straight in there. I am sure there must be  less nappy rash in China.

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Love Hearts in the Wind

The weather has got cold here and I was feeling low, so I went to Marks & Spencer’s for a cup of tea and slice of Victoria Sponge to cheer me up. Out of the window whilst sipping my  tea, I saw these lovely love hearts waving at me in the wind: they made me smile. Living in China has taught me, if your feeling down, just look around. You’ll always find something that will brighten up your day.

Knickers on washing lines here, never cease to amaze me. Chinese people are so small, but their panties can be so large.

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Good Brazilian Witchcraft

I was staying at a Vietnamese beachside resort with my Brazilian neighbour and it was raining constantly. She said we should put an egg on the roof and the rain would stop. We put an egg on the roof and the next day – it was sunny! It’s been sunny ever since. I just hope, the two eggs that are now on this roof, in this picture – don’t drop.



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Cupping: Chinese medicinal therepy for backache.


Yesterday in Vietnam, I saw this woman selling fruit. Today, she had transformed – with dragon looking scales all over her back.


October 6, 2011 · 9:24 am

Vietnam: Duong Dong Port

I went into Duong Dong Port by myself this morning, and this lover boy invited me onto his boat and I took a picture of him instead of taking him up on his offer. I really liked shopping in the local market there, good baskets and  plastic crap to buy.


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Vietnam: Phu Quoc Island

Falling to sleep on Phu Quoc Island Oct 2011; this place is so chilled, there is not much else to do. It reminds me of Thailand 25 years ago without the hippy invasion and flee markets. There is a sleepy port (Duong Dong) with local market, and fresh fish that you can get  barbecued in the night market nearby. There is a waterfall, a pepper farm (the pepper is really famous here, and tastes delcious and lemony and worth buying as gifts) and good diving (I suggest you use Rainbow Divers). Rent a motor bike and pottor over the pot holes around the Island exploring and go walking in the National Park up North. Or just chill and go to sleep a lot like me.

I’m staying at: La Veranda Resort, which is well worth the money compared to what I have seen at other resorts.

Touring from here: you can get a boat and travel up the Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City. Or from Ho Chi Minh travel down the Delta to here.


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