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Baby and a Backpack: Book Club Questions

If you want to use my book  ‘Baby and a Backpack’ for your book club or reading group: thank you so much! Here are some questions you might like to use.

  1. Which of Jane’s personality traits helped her deal with her childhood? Do you think they also helped her on her journey?
  2. How do you think Jane’s relationship with men was affected by her relationship with her father? What do you think of the Dazzler?
  3. Would you consider Jane’s decision to take Poppy around the world – a responsible parenting decision?
  4. When Jane tells stories of her childhood, which story stands out for you the most and why?
  5. If Jane’s mother hadn’t become ill, what kind of mother do you think she would have been?
  6. Which character stood out the most for you and why?
  7. Jane experienced a transformation from teenager (wild child) to mother to woman. Do you think this transformation happens (and in that order) to all females?
  8. How do you think living in Bali affected Jane’s  life choices?
  9. Did the ending turn out the way you expected? How did you feel about it?
  10. How did reading the book affect you?
  11. If you had no limitations, what would you do with your life?

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Baby and a Backpack: Pictures from the Story

These are pictures from  the Book I wrote Baby and a Backpack.

Pregnant in Glastonbury

Jane pregnant


Poppy in the English Countryside

Poppy born in the English Countryside


At the airport with a 12 week old baby and an around-the-world ticket

At the airport with a 12 weeks old baby and an around-the-world ticket







Poppy’s Nana Helen

Poppy and her Nana Helen


The Dazzler


Dazzler shots

In Bali before I met the Blonde

Jane in Bali before meeting the Blond


A wild teenager.

A wild teenager


It took me a quite a while to get fit and well, after my teenage years

It took me a while to get better …


Villa Poppy

Villa Poppy

Poppy in Hawaii with her freind the parrot

Poppy in Hawaii


In LA with Ted

Poppy and me in LA


With my sister Kay when we were kids

me & Kay


I got to see my brother Dax again. I sadly have not seen him for years …

jane & Dax


Dax and Kay together again too…

Kay & Dax


The baby shoes I had made for the front cover of my book.

baby shoes



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Cover Preview: Baby and a Backpack

Here is a sneak cover preview of my book: ‘Baby and a Backpack’. It will be released in Australia on April 24th (perfect for a Mother’s Day gift). It will be available digitally and though Amazon. Click on the book cover image. It will become really big   – so you can read the back cover.

Baby and a Backpack

Baby and a Backpack Book cover

Me, the first time I saw the cover!



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